About Us

uExamS was founded in 2004 and has been providing innovative technology-enabled and human solutions to testing companies worldwide.

With extensive experience in the testing industry, uExamS diligently works with test delivery organizations and boards that deliver high stakes exams worldwide in the licensure, certification, academic admissions, regulatory and government testing service markets.

With a global presence in over 40 countries and a world-wide network of thousands of service providers, uExamS has been dedicated towards serving the education industry and providing qualified accommodations to test takers assisting them in their path for higher education.

uExamS strives to provide exceptional quality solutions to our clients that assure confidentiality, protect the security of the exam questions and protect the privacy of the test takers as well.

Our service providers understand the importance of the Americans with Disabilities Act and make sure that they are clear, consistent with their pronunciations and showcase a professional demeanor while assisting test takers worldwide.


uExamS provides universal exam solutions to assist testing organizations in meeting needs of test takers who require special accommodations.

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Phone: 1-866-761-8866

Email: info@uexams.com